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She said: “That older man harboured him and sexually abused him and introduced him to chat lines at an extremely young age.

“This is what coloured his view as far as chat lines are concerned.” “Paedophiles” She also told the court that he didn’t set up the chat lines, but was working on them when he felt he had to act after some of the clients started to talk about underage children.

Others said they were left stressed when Sutherland – acting as an official from the chat lines – repeatedly harassed them for payments.

The elaborate scam only came to light when one of the men contacted police, who then set up a sting codenamed ‘Operation Machine’ to track down Sutherland.

The UK Network of Sex Work Projects has published lots of safety advice, including: The English Collective of Prostitutes is a self-help organisation of sex workers, working both on the street and in premises, with a national network throughout the UK.

They campaign for the decriminalisation of prostitution, for sex workers’ rights and safety, and for resources to enable people to get out of prostitution if they want to.

However he said they could be deleted from the ‘system’ for a fee, pocketing himself thousands of pounds.

And perhaps they’re right, as one in 20 women say they would be more likely to go out with a man who came out with a chat-up line to impress them.

Ms Cooper said: “The position of the accused is that he didn’t set up chat lines.

There was never any suggestion that he did set up chat lines.

By Cara Sulieman A TEENAGER who extorted almost £90,000 from 10 men on gay sex chat lines by threatening to play recordings of their sordid calls to their families, friends and the police has been jailed for 45 months.

Kelz Sutherland, 19, – also known as William Watson – worked on a sex hotline from his bedroom at the family home in Edinburgh taking incoming calls from men who had seen adverts in magazines.

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If you work in the sex industry you can join the National Ugly Mugs Scheme.

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